Doubts choosing a reliable and flexible framework for the back-end


I don’t know if it is this an off-topic question, however, I think that for an Ionic developer this is a problem that sooner or later has to be addressed.

I will develop an app with Ionic and I’m looking for the best back-end to use.
The app will use REST web-service to send and receive data to/from the back-end that will store/retrieve them on/from a database.
On the server side, I need to implement a lot of logic, so I don’t need a framework that just allows me to use a database but a flexible framework that allows me to implement the logic and the algorithms.
The server should manage many simultaneous connections and serve all of them.

Until now I’ve always used PHP Frameworks, now I’m evaluating some Javascript framework as NestJS that is based on Node.js.

My doubts are about the ability to manage many connections at the same time because I know that Node.js is a single thread server.
How can it serve tens or hundreds of simoultaneous requests?
The PHP frameworks use Apache, but how can I be sure that Node.js will not be the bottlenec of my system?

Thank you very much for your advice.



Any web framework out there today that is used by enough people can be scaled to server lots of traffic. If it is node or PHP based doesn’t really matter - if they would be unscalable nobody would use them.

Don’t worry about it too much.

And if this is not just a learning project for you, best go with what you already know and have experience with.

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