Visual Studio + Ionic Templates + ngCordova + Plugins + Ripple

Is this tool chain all figured out? I’m testing out the new Ionic templates for VS and having lots and lots of problems with plugins, and for some reason angular in general as well.

On build, I get a lot of ‘module not defined’, ‘require no defined’, ‘device ready failed to fire after 5 seconds’, etc etc.

I started with basic plugins but I am using the ngCordova code, trying to inject ng-cordova with no success (fails to inject into the app module).

Are these known issues? Or am I just doing it wrong? Has anyone gotten the VS IDE to work with plugins + ngCordova + Ripple?


I posted the same question recently… it just doesnt work as advertised… after waiting what seemed like an hour to install VS 2015RC i never got it to work to build anything… not even a basic cordova app; so you are doing better than me.

If you have any advice on how to get the basics working I would really appreciate it.

Well, here is the real bummer. I got it working with VS 2013 Community… at least I was able to build a basic app. Then I tried to add plugins and everything went haywire.

So I dug around and found a forum post where a driftyco person said they don’t support VS 2013. Great, VS2015 will solve my problems. I set up a VS2015 installation overnight (eating up another 8GB of space), and now I can’t open a project AT ALL. “The project type is not supported by this installation.”


It’s really too bad, because Ionic usually gets it right when releasing a new feature. But there has been little clarity around how in the EFF to get a VS template project working, and that should have been elaborated in the blog post when it was announced (compatible versions, step-by-step, known issues, etc).

I’ve wasted too much time trying to get this to work! Might try one or two more things, but I’ll be done with it soon until they can either fix it or post a proper guide.


Finally got the VS2015 template working!

Turns out you can’t just do a “Typical” install of VS2015. You have to go into custom installation options and enable the Cross-Platform Mobile Development tools specific to Cordova. You can add these post-installation by firing up the VS2015 installer and selecting a custom installation. It will install only the additional components (but budget an hour of time and another 2GB of space). This is necessary even if you installed the tools for VS2013.

I think I have about 30GB dedicated to VS studio at this point. Will be testing VS2015 thoroughly and then purging 2013.

If the error messages were more descriptive or if a proper tutorial had been posted, more people might have figured it out. However, hopefully this thread will be helpful to other folks out there.

Now to test with plugins and report back on whether I have any success.

I am not a MS guy so finding my way around VS is a PITA… where exactly are the custom installation options?

You have to relaunch the VS installer, and instead of “Typical” install, choose “Custom”. You will see a “Cross Platform Mobile Development” category, and under that you will see “HTML/Javascript (Apache Cordova)”. Make sure that is checked, and just to be safe, you can install the other pieces in this category as well.

You can see what the installer looks like on this page:

Scroll down to the section titled “Single Install”.

Good luck.