Sample Project for Ionic + TypeScript + VS 2013 + Cordova


I’ve spent the last couple of months prototyping some internal mobile applications using the Ionic Framework. Loving it so far!

We primarily use Visual Studio 2013 and TypeScript for our frontend development. So, naturally, I wanted to see if I could get these technologies working with Ionic and AngularJs.

I have spent some time putting together a sample project that supports the following:

  • Ionic Framework
  • TypeScript
  • Visual Studio 2013 - Multi-Device Hybrid Apps
  • In-browser Apache Ripple Emulator (for development)
  • Cordova application container (for release builds)

It has been working well for us (particularly the strongly-typed controllers and services!) and I thought others might find it useful.

I have screenshots posted on my website here and the whole thing, including documentation, is available on GitHub here.


Great job man! Hopefully ionic official would release their ionic.d.ts file


I’ve just updated this solution to support VS2015. I’ve also created a secondary version of the project that is platform and IDE agnostic. It is available here.

So far I’ve been using it on OS X with Visual Studio Code and it has been working great.