Visual Studio 2015 + ngCordova = how?


Hi everybody,

Usually i try to find solutions on my own with my friend Google, but for now i can’t find solution to make ngCordova work on my VS2015 Solution.
I followed the instructions of this page :

And i get some IServiceProvider builds error when i try to debug my app on Genymotion or with the Ripple.

Does an charitable soul here could give me the proper way to integrate ngCordova on my VS2015 project ?

Merci !


I did this just by saving the .js file in the project and adding the below to index.html:

And adding ‘ngCordova’ to my app.module line.


I also had an IServiceProvider error. But mine was not ngCordova related, but I had the same error. Took me a while to figure mine out.

My solution was renaming


to another file ending.


Hi darshanp and amittel,

Thanks for your response, i find my way by simply adding the ng-cordova JS to my lib folder…

It works, so…

Thanks for the support :wink: