Visual studio 2015 warning

I have tested the ionic framework inside Visual Studio 2015 RTM, and it was a pain: using nuget to add ionic, it took 5 hours to complete.
After that, creating a new Cordova project succeeded, but everything is slow.
Putting the app on the Windows Store succeeded, but the app just launches and quits…

I had a better experience using the command line with “ionic start”, etc and the generated Windows Store app worked nicely

So I’m waiting for Microsoft to fix this…

I just launch VS2015RTM, add project, blank cordova app, then with nuget add ionic: it stay 5 hours on this screen, taking all the resources of the pc (8Gb ram, ssd, i7)

So you shouldn’t need to use nuget for an ionic project.

You can use bower/npm instead.
So you you start and ionic project

ionic start myApp blank

And then import it into VS2015, it will still use the package.json and bower.json.

yes, command line is perfect.
The same problem happens with cordova projects, it’s not related to ionic.
I just want to use VS as an editor right now, how can you import the project into it? I tryed several ways without success: lacking intellisense with a blank solution, etc
thank you

You should be able to use File > New > Project From Existing Code… and select an Apache Cordova project. This lets you use the Task Runner and debug/code in VS, but still have access to the command line.

@darshanp I just did that, VS2015 is on this screen for 3 hours now:

Sublimetext is my friend…

You may also want to update your version of visual studio. The RTM had some issues with it if I recall. They were fixed in the latest release I believe.

I got the latest from my MSDN subscription :
Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2015
Version 14.0.23107.0 D14REL

For me RTM is Release To Manufacturing

Everything is updated on my system from Win10 to VS extensions…

I think you just need to click Terminer (Finish) on that screen…

yes I did! and the 2nd time the window goes white and shows “Does not respond”:

Then I don’t know. I tried importing a project into Visual Studio 2015 earlier today and it worked, but I don’t really see any compelling reason to use Visual Studio instead of Sublime Text or whatever your favourite text editor is.

The Visual Studio Android Emulator is quite nice though.

yeah, it’s a microsoft problem, so nevermind…
thank you

I use visual studio as an editor. But I load the entire app as a website and not as a project.

By loading as a website, VS just uses the file system - and you don’t have the weird import issues.

All packages and updates I do through npm etc.

You can use the Ionic CLI to get the starter app /template, then import in VS by using the New > Project from Existing Code option. Detailed steps:

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