Visual Studio 2015 for Ionic

Hi all,

just wondering if anyone has any experience using Visual Studio 2015 for an Ionic/Cordova project?

Personally it seems to be failing at every possible stage with very vague error messages, so I still haven’t actually managed to get an Ionic app to run through VS2015.

From what I can see, it looks like it’d be quite a useful tool for those who are used to Visual Studio, if it were to work… obviously.

I’m trying to test it out to see if I can recommend a client use it or not, but as I have not had any luck (yet), I’d like to see what others think.

I personally use the CLI tool along with PHPStorm which seems fine to me.


You can look at this article :

I have managed to do it with this article (using the second method) in the beginning and it worked. But I reverted back to CLI myself, as I couldn’t see much of an advantage.

  1. many if not most projects have a rest api (server side) component: vs 2015 with visual studio tools for node works great, nothing better out there.
  2. if you are talking client side, I suggest you use your browser for angular/js debugging, css work, etc. I only go to the emulator when that works 100%.
  3. if you are considering using ms tools for the entire experience - which includes their handling java, the android sdk, node, etc. - I suggest you don’t. You are better off installing them yourself and understanding where all the pieces are and how they interact. The only thing you lose is their emulation debugging - to me it’s not worth putting all my eggs in that basket.
    Good luck!
    P.S. I’m going back and forth with jetbrain’s webstorm instead of vs, and I’ve used vs since .net 1.1

Hey thanks for the replies : )

As it stands I’ve basically told them not to bother with VS, yeah the notion of it all being self contained and gui based was a nice one, but really, the only config work that’s necessary is config.xml, so I’ve said they can effectively use any text editor they want.

As it stands I will recommend PHPStorm/WebStorm but there we go.