Visual Studio 2015 RTM and Ionic 1.0 Tabs Template

Today Visual Studio 2015 was released. Are there any plans to update the Ionic Tabs template visual studio extension at to work with Visual Studio 2015 RTM? Right now the template is meant for the Visual Studio RC version and uses an Ionic RC version.

Hoping that since you saying that Windows developers should use Visual Studio for their Ionic development, that the templates will now be kept up to date with the RTM release.


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We had some issues using the templates in the RC, so what we’re doing is to create a new project using the ionic CLI as normal and then use the VS2015 File > New > Project From Existing Code… and selecting an Apache Cordova project. This works just fine and still lets you use the CLI to add/remove plugins etc.

It took me a bit to get it working with the “Project from Existing Code”. I had to delete the typescript definition file for angular-ui-router that I think got installed when I ran bower install.

I also had to tell Visual Studio to override the Java home directory to get it to compile so that I could use the Visual Studio Android Emulator. For some reason Visual Studio wanted to point to a really old version of the Java JDK even though all of the environment variables pointed to the last 1.7 version. As well Visual Studio kept crashing adb when I tried to use a 4.4 kitkat emulator but it worked with the 5.0 Lollipop one.