View/content stretching on keyboard switch in Crosswalk build

After adding crosswalk to my ionic project… performance has increased 10x !

But thrs a issue with keyboard switching ! content/view stretches/bounces i dnt knw wht happens its just not smooth !

If i add <preference name="CrosswalkAnimatable" value="true" />

Keyboard not smooth

if <preference name="CrosswalkAnimatable" value="false" />

No issues with keyboard ! but ionic native transitions dont work.

Docs state that to use ionic native transitions with crosswalk we need to add <preference name="CrosswalkAnimatable" value="true" />

Is there a solution for this ? Help plz :worried:


Can anyone suggest me a plugin similar to ionic native transitions which wont require setting CrosswalkAnimatable to true ??

I need to get rid of this issue , without removing crosswalk ! Help is appreciated !

+1 I have a same issue. plz help me.

someone plz save my life here…!! :sweat_smile: