Crosswalk and ionic keyboard

Before I used crosswalk for my app ,keyboard was working great
but after I started using it ,keyboard is overlapping my content in android
I followed the steps described Keyboard content overlap issue with crosswalk
but didn’t work for me

what I have is a textarea in the bottom ,before the page was scrolling so the keyboard was down the textarea
I lost that behavior after crosswalk

I am trying to make a simple solution by getting the keyboard height and make the textarea and content scroll up pragmatically when keyboard is shown

I used there code


alert('Keyboard height is: ’ + e.keyboardHeight);


alert not fired

if (window.cordova && window.cordova.plugins.Keyboard) {
alert(“plugin is working”);

the alert fired here

in android manifest file I made these change but didn’t work too


I don’t know what is wrong with it