Keyboard appearing disturb inputs on crosswalk

Hi everyone,

First of all, sorry for my english.

Im using Ionic and angular-material and some components (of angular material) isn’t showing right in older Android devices so im decided to use crosswalk for avoid this fragmentation.

Problem appears when the user focus on input text, then all screen is resized for a milliseconds and disturb all contents of view (only for this milliseconds) is not a big deal but is not perfect.

I fix this behaviour changing the directive “android:windowSoftInputMode” in the androidmanifest to “adjustNothing”, but is not the perfect solution because this causes that the content is overlapped…

Can i have another better fix?



I have the exact same problem. At first I thought it was an incompatibility issue between com.ionic.keyboard and crosswalk, but removing the ionic keyboard plugin, the problem still persists. This is really frustrating.

EDIT: changing “android:windowSoftInputMode” to “adjustNothing” in the AndroidManifest does fix the problem.

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I know, but this is not the perfect solution because doing this, the keyboard overlap the content and don’t scroll it :S

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agreed. this is a bug. on my side, it’s not much of a problem in my app because the inputs are at the top of the view, so the keyboard doesn’t overlap, but it is a concerning issue.

Same problem here. It is really annoying because without crosswalk keyboard content scrolling works like a charm. With crosswalk keyboard simply overlaps the input fields and disables scrolling.