Use SQLite plugin on Ubuntu platform

I was developing a Application for Ubuntu platform. But I cannot use Cordova plugin for SQLite. It gives error cordova_not_available. Can anyone point me how to build a ionic app for Ubuntu platform?

How are you deploying your app to Ubuntu? What commands do you run?

First I have added platform using ionic cordova platform add ubuntu

Next I run application with ionic cordova run ubuntu and also I have tried building deb package using debuild command both give same error.

@Sujan12 do you have any idea about how run it cordova plugins on Ubuntu?

I doubt this code exist for ubuntu. see the documentation as per below

you can build apps for ios, android and windows.

You can also build for other platforms that Cordova supports, it just won’t work that well :wink:

Ionic Native SQLite uses as the Cordova plugin. I see no Ubuntu implementation for that here unfortunately:

thanks did not know that :P. Apologies. Just saw that.

I have work with plugin for android platform. It’s working fine. Is there are any documentation about build ionic app for Ubuntu platform? Couldn’t find anything yet.

As @ashley_shookhye said Ubuntu is not one of the supported platforms for Ionic.
Also Cordova support for Ubuntu is very light, there are not very many plugins that have code for Ubuntu.

If you really want to go ahead I think you will have to Google a lot to find working Cordova plugins for native stuff.

@Sujan12 and @ashley_shookhye thanks for your help. I will try little bit more and I will update this if I find any solution.

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