Again! SQLite in Ionic 2.2.0, How to Use It?

Hi folks,

I’ve been googling around and cannot find a decent step by step tutorial on how to use SQLite in Ionic 2. The tutorials are out of date, I followed the Ionic 2 docs and tutorial here:

I still cannot make it work. There are a few confusions I need someone to clarify for me:

  1. In order to see SQLite in action, do I need to add platform while making a new project?
  2. If I use web browser to test the app (using “ionic serve” command), the SQLite will not work?
  3. The “Cordova-SQLite-Storage” is just a plugin for Ionic 2 in order to use SQLite, which is on the actual device or emulator?
  4. If the database does not exist, then I follow the instruction here:, will it create a new database for me?
  5. I actually followed the docs, installed everything, but when I run the app in browser, it keeps giving me the following error:
    Native: tried accessing the SQLite plugin but it’s not installed.
    Install the SQLite plugin: ‘ionic plugin add cordova-sqlite-storage’

Could someone please show me how to use SQLite in Ionic 2? Thank you.


Hi GJ Wu,
You will not be able to test ths sqlite plugin on your browser as this is a native plugin so… using android or IOS OS.
Try with your device or emulator…
and the database will be created if doesn’t exists, normally:wink:

Thanks, I was also looking for the same thing. But to be unable to test in browser sucks, Ionic team must do something about this to make app development easier.

They kinda did.

Hi folks,

It seems that Ionic team is making changes to their docs, I found that since two or three days ago, maybe they are making changes for the upcoming framework update. Keep an eye on it, I hope everything works beautifully later. Meanwhile, I am using PouchDB with SQLite adapter, it seems that they have some issues for adapter information returned from, even if I uploaded the app to my phone, it does not show the true type of storage I use. I am waiting for the update. I hope this will help.

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Hi folks,

im trying to use the SQLite Storage but it doesn’t work. I’ve followed all the steps in the docs, but when I try to run nothing happens.

I’ve installed the ionic-native/storage via npm. And added the plugin to my App.
In my app.module.ts:

import { SQLite } from ‘@ionic-native/sqlite’;

providers: [

I need help!!! Thanks

This is what i have tried last night. I updated my repository Ionic 2 pre-populated example (repository now up to date with last version of ionic. It uses cordova-sqlite-ext but the code is similar to what you will need for cordova-sqlite-storage )

My home.ts:

import { Component } from '@angular/core';
import { NavController } from 'ionic-angular';
import { SQLite, SQLiteObject } from '@ionic-native/sqlite';

  selector: 'page-home',
  templateUrl: 'home.html'
export class HomePage {
  private options = { name: "data.db", location: 'default', createFromLocation: 1 };
  private queryDatabase= "SELECT * FROM tableName";

  constructor(public navCtrl: NavController, private sqlite: SQLite) {
    this.sqlite.create(this.options).then((db: SQLiteObject) => {
      db.executeSql(this.queryDatabase, {}).then((data) => {
        //Do Something with your data here

Also you need to have a database on your www folder or if you don’t want to use a pre-populated database you don’t need to have one.

Hi ruialves_programming
1.Is this code working in browser (ionic serve) fore easy debugging ?
2. why you didn’t check for “platform.ready” before opening database !?


1.Is this code working in browser (ionic serve) fore easy debugging ?

As far as i know sqlite won’t work in the browser because it needs Cordova to work. But you can use an emulator like Genymotion. For easy debugging you could create a mookup service that would replace sqlite when you are working in the browser.

  1. why you didn’t check for “platform.ready” before opening database !?

I’m not sure (because it was a long time ago) but i think it was because the App Component already is checking platform.ready.

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