Has anyone tried to run windows platform and use the sqlite-plugin and make it work?

I tried install the plugin cordova-sqlite and I couldn’t build the windows platform. I tried to download the cordova-sqlite-ext (that works on win10 platforms) and it didn’t work either.

Have anyone figure out how to work this?

I am using win10 pc btw.

Looking through the plugins docs,

It seems that the main plugin does not work for Windows 10

Though there is a companion plugin that supports ios/android/windows

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I did that but when I build it gives some error about the .cpp files. I will post a screenshot soon.

Just checked my VS version and apparently there was a win10 SDK tools version 3.3.1 (or something) released and I had the 3.3.0 version lol. Downloading to see if this fix it.

After the update it still gives the same error.

Hmm, looks like you might need to open an issue on their end then. Not really an Ionic bug :thinking:

ok thank you.

Funny thing is that it runs on Android without any problems. :slight_smile:

I asked them and they told me that it only runs on an ARM architecture. That was the error.

This was happened to me once in awhile. The solution is simply by doing this

cordova plugin remove cordova-sqlite-ext

than add it again
cordova plugin add cordova-sqlite-ext

and sometimes this can work too
cordova prepare

Good luck :slight_smile: