Upload app Google Play Store / Apple Store

I have an app developed for internal use of my company, that can be access by username/password. The accounts are not created in the app but in separate web module.
Does anyone know if I can upload it on Google Play Store / App Store ?

Google Play Store: Yep, they don’t really care.
App Store: Maybe, depends. You might have to give them a demo account on submission to be able to check what is inside. Sometimes they even decline apps that don’t have a signup functionality.

Thanks for the answer. In this case i’ll give it a try on Google Play Store.

I recently went through this. As @Sujan12 mentioned they will want a login so that Apple can test your app to make sure it doesn’t crash or violate one of their policies.

Since your app is for internal use for a company they will likely reject it from the main app store and push you towards the volume purchase program and away from releasing to the public App store since they will likely consider it a B2B application.

Here is the link for the volume purchase program if you want to know more: