Cant publish my app at ios

Hello, i developed my app using paypal integration. I manage to upload my app at google play but when i try to upload it at ios i take this error

We noticed that your app or its metadata enables the purchase of content, services, or functionality in the app by means other than the in-app purchase API, which is not appropriate for the App Store.

Next Steps

While the payment system that you have included may conduct the transaction outside of the app, if the purchasable content, functionality, or services are intended to be used in the app, they must be purchased using in-app purchase, within the app - unless it is of the type referenced in guideline 3.1.3 of the App Store Review Guidelines.

can anyone understand if the problem is that i use paypal integration or that apple wants to control my transactions?

Yes. You have to stay within Apple’ walled garden for any transactions.

what u mean?can i use paypal integration or not?

Sorry, from my experience ANY $$ transactions that occur HAVE to go through Apple.

i understand what u mean. but i cant understand why ionic says that paypal integration supported from ios?

Ionic just wrote the wrapped to the plugin, not the plugin itself. And speaking of the plugin, did you notice this statement on the repo:

PayPal Mobile SDKs are Deprecated. The APIs powering them will remain operational long enough for merchants to migrate, but the SDKs themselves will no longer be updated