What do you use to upload app into the stores?


I have read the documents/pages about how to upload app into apple and google store, but all is made via command line.

Is there an alternative GUI to use ?



What documentation are you referring to, the process of submitting an app to the app store and play store is quite manual, i’ve never seen any documentation that says you can do it all from the command line?

As far as I’m aware the only options for iOS are submitting the application through XCode (you can open up the .xcodeproj file generated by Ionic in XCode) or generating the .ipa file (using command line commands or PhoneGap Build) and submitting it using the Application Loader program.

For Android apps you just generate the .apk file (using the command line or PhoneGap Build) and then upload it through the Google Play website.

Check this link for android:

As per iOS, go to developer.apple.com and search for the info !

check out Telerik Appbuilder