Uploading an ionic app to play store/apple store


I would like to upload an ionic application to apple/play store on behalf of a company. I have found this article:

For play store should I create a new gmail account,e.g. mycompanyname@gmail.com and just pay $25? And for the apple store is it similar I just pay $99 for the same email address?


Those are the very first steps, the lord have mercy of your soul, brother.

The Play Store part is straightforward, you just have to copy and paste whatever you have in the documentation.

Apple, on the other hand, is a nightmare. I uploaded 3 apps and still don’t know how did I manage to do so.

Unfurnetly what @RaulGM say’s is true, Apple is too picky with all the things. Even if you can upload your app to Testflight you should be sure that alll this points are done without any problem: https://developer.apple.com/app-store/review/ if not apple will reject your app and you need to upload it again with all the issues fixed.

Can I use in apple store and play store a business email address or it has to be a gmail address?