Understanding versioning when using Ionic Deploy

I just setup Ionic Deploy with my app and dug through all the very helpful documentation, but there is one area that still has my head spinning a bit. What is the best way to implement version control of my app when using both app store submissions and Ionic Deploy?

Should they both be using the same semantic version number, so that an update on either will increment the version appropriately? This would make the app store updates look disjointed since they wouldn’t have the deploy updates. Could this even make app submissions fail?

Other option is to split the versioning so that only minor updates come from deploy and major ones come from the app store. This effectively hides deploy updates from the app store.

But the app itself will still think it is on the app store version even after an update to a newer deploy version because deploy doesn’t affect the config.xml. You could keep track of this yourself I suppose.

A final option is to keep the deploy versioning completely separate from the app store, but I’m not sure this really helps with the confusion. Also, I’m curious as to why Ionic Deploy dashboard doesn’t allow you to specify a version for a deploy - only notes.

Anyway, I’d love to hear thoughts on a best practice for Ionic Deploy.