Ionic Deploy inconsistencies

I used Ionic Deploy and the app updated properly most of the devices, but some devices stayed with the old version.

For one of the devices (iPhone), we needed to uninstall and install the app to get it updated.

For another device (iPhone as well), even after uninstalling and installing again, the app didn’t update.

Also another device already updated (another iPhone), got an update notification, and after restarting, it got the previous version.

  1. Any ideas what can be the problem, and how to solve it? or is it a known issue of the beta?

  2. Also, when installing the app, it immediately prompts that there is a new version available. I know that the issue is fixed with the Deploy versioning equivalent, which I did set, but still didn’t work. I noticed that when saving, if I edit again, the equivalent version that I just entered is not there any more. Does that mean that it isn’t saving?

Hmm, I have not seen this before actually.

Do you have any stats for the devices? Are these older iOS version?

Both of them were iPhone 5 with the latest iOS.

So when I enter a equivalent version for the Deploy, then save, and then edit the Deploy again, I should see the equivalent version I just entered, correct?

Could you reach out to the support email?

I did, but they told me to ask here in the forums, and their last answer was 19 days ago.

I’ve been having some similar issues with Ionic Deploy the last few weeks. My app updates correctly, but when the app is relaunched (not just restarted, but killed then restarted) it’s running the original code but reports it’s running the latest deployment.

My issue is resolved in the latest update to Ionic Deploy: Perhaps it’s related to the issue you’re running into as well?