Ionic deploy and changes to config.xml

Hi folks,

I’ve started using Ionic Deploy to push updates and noticed that changes to the config.xml don’t seem to be updating.

I have been using the cordova-plugin-app-version to get the version # and report the version # in the UI but I notice this doesn’t change after a successful update via Ionic Deploy.

Is this correct behaviour or have I screwed up with my Ionic Deploy config?


I can confirm this behaviour. I am using Hockey as a platform to distribute my app and Ionic as a convenient way to deploy new updates and have the users update the app on the fly vie Ionic.deploy. But, sadly, when the user updates the app via deploy then the config.xml seems not to get changed.

I noticed this because I am too using cordova-app-version to get the current app version, so that the user can tell me what version of my app they are running when they run into bugs.

Yeah I guess in hindsight it does make some sense as the config.xml also defines the id and the name so I guess it prevents people doing the old bait and switch.

I notice that Ionic.Deploy has a method getVersions() that is supposed to return the build of the versions installed on the device. I might see if that’s workable though asking a client what build number they’re running is nowhere near as nice as just a version #.


Just so that you know: You can kind of sidestep the issue with a combination of gulp-ng-constant and gulp-ionic-channels, as explained this blog post.

Thanks Tobias. I’ll check it out. Eric.