Versioning and Ionic Deploy

I’m looking for some clarity and advice around versioning best practice and specifically around using Ionic Deploy and the Native Versioning settings.

Because we submit sometimes more than one build on iTunes, e.g. for beta testing through TestFlight, and every build must have a new build number, we use the following versioning tags:

This means we have version 1.0 of the app on the store, but it may have a number of different builds to get there.

So my first question is, is this the correct way to do this, or is there a better preferred method?

Secondly, when using Ionic Deploy, and setting the Native Versioning settings, does that refer to the build or version? i.e. versionName or versionCode? How does this work on Android, as the version code would show as 302 and 304 because of the split apk’s for crosswalk?