Deploy using version numbers

So I’m trying to use ionic deploy to get updates to my app. New updates seem to get on my device fine. However, although code updates seem to work the version number defined in “config.xml” does not seem to change.
Is there any reason for this?
I am using Win7, android, ionic v 2.2.1.
On top of this is there a way for my ionic deploy to show the newest app version before downloading/updating?

Yes, that’s how it works: With Ionic Deploy, you only replace the /www (generated from your /src) inside your app, not the Cordova app container. That one stays the same until it is updated via the App Store.

So if you want to show an app version, you should probably define it in a .json file and display this value in the app additionally to the “real” app version.

Yes, check these methods out: Ionic Docs - Ionic Documentation