Unable to see logs from simulator

Hi there!
I’m struggling to see the console logs when I run the app using a simulator. I start it with “ionic capacitor run ios --livereload --consolelogs --serverlogs” (I’ve also tried with the --external flag), but the logs are not appearing in the terminal nor the browser.

If I run the project from Xcode, I can see the logs in the Xcode terminal, but when I start it from the terminal using livereload they don’t appear anywhere.

Any ideas what might cause it or how I can fix it?

try Safari Technology Preview - Safari - Apple Developer

Thanks for your reply, @mikrochipkid.

I tried using the Safari Tech Preview, but still, no logs come through. Any other ideas? The logs should, in any case, also show in the terminal when I use the --consolelogs flag?

After playing around a bit with the Safari Tech Preview I managed to find the logs. Thanks for putting me on the right track :slight_smile: