No more consolelogs and serverlogs with ionic run



I’m just experiencing a strange problem with the latest ionic and ionic-cli release.
When I run “ionic run -device -l -c -s” I don’t have logs anymore on the console where I launched this command.

Even if I can tail -f platforms/ios/cordova/console.log to have device logs it is not very convenient (and nothing on the angular side)

I have already remove/add platforms and plugins, and this behavior is on every project (even fresh project with ionic start)

Any idea for a fix ?




Got this message before build and app installs on device “The port true was taken on the host - using port 1024 instead”



I had to revert to 1.3.22 for logs to be back on the console.


The same here. I updated ionic CLI from 1.3.22 to 1.4.1 and I got no more console logs. Now, reverted to 1.3.22, console log is back. I tried with 1.4.0, but it was unsuccessful.


Give 1.4.3 a try ? : “Patch an issue where the server commands are not working from the ionic run with livereload.”


1.4.3 working like a charm. :+1: