No console logs in terminal while running with -l -c flags

I’ve got a new computer (mac pro with OSx v10.10.3)
after installing xcode and node.js I’ve installed the ionic framework and CLI ussing
sudo npm install -g ionic cordova

Everything works fine and I’m able to create, run and build the app that I’ve imported from my SVN server
BUT,when I run the app using livereload flags and I try to see the console logs in the terminal - I see nothing, this are the commands I’m using:
ionic emulate ios -l -c
ionic serve -c

The live reload works fine, but no logs print in the terminal
(in my previous computer it worked just fine)

I’ve tried reinstalling org.apache.cordova.console

The serverlogs works fine, but it seems like the goto or g command also doesn’t work (it restarts the app instead of going to the page)

Maybe I’ve missed something during the installation…