No logs when ionic run ios

I found lots of issues about not having logs but still do not have proper solution.

I have ionic project. it runs with ionic serve. However if i start it with ionic run ios then i see my app, but i do not see content of my controller (probably because of AJAX error). If i try to access logs then i will receive a message platforms/ios/cordova/console.log: No such file or directory.

If i start ionic run ios -l then i will see just white screen.

i tied to install cordova-console plugin but it does not work.

My npm modules:


If you’re emulating then “ionic run ios -lc” should print out console log in terminal and tell you why you’re white-screening. The -c option enables console logs.

unfortunately this does not work too. When i run ‘ionic run ios -lc’ is see in terminal:

logPath: /Volumes/Hard/Development/xing/hw_hub/platforms/ios/cordova/console.log

but this file does not exist, however path:


does exist!