Console.log does not show anything on XCode output

I am trying to get console.log in XCode output.

I’ve checked other topic talking about this but I can’t find a solution.

I’ve installed cordova-plugin-console and I am getting log in chrome (with console.log or $log.log)

But in Xcode I can’t get anything. It is the same with any other way (ionic emulate -lc or idevicesyslog).
The point is the app does NOT log my console.log.

I need to get them because something is working on chrome but not on the device (different behaviour) and I need to have some debug log to check why.

Do you have any solution?

.run(function($ionicPlatform) {
$ionicPlatform.ready(function() {
console.log( "Ionic Platform ready" );

I need to see “Ionic Platform ready” on my output window in XCode.


I’m having the same issue, is there any known cause for this?

Does anybody else is experiences the same problem? Do you have a solution?
I would really appreciate any kind of help


seeing same problem :frowning:

Have you fixed this?

If you run in the simulator or on a device, you can open Safari and then go to the ‘debug’ menu. You can then inspect the code on the device much like you would in chrome. You could see if the logs are showing there.

On the Xcode log output, I assume you have no errors saying if the console log plugin is erroring?

Have you tried removing and re-adding the plugin and the platform?


Open safari on what page?
That is interesting if you can give me a target, because I was assuming to see the logs in the XCODE debug console.

I had removed and readded the plugin and platform already. that’s not the problem.

PS: anyway thanks for the answer, it looked like everybody was ignoring us :wink:

actually, do you mean Safari on the device?

I mean safari on your desktop computer / mac.

You can run the ionic app on your device or the simulator.

You can then open safari on mac and use the debug menu to inspect the ‘pages’ running in the ionic app on the device / simulator.

Old but still relevant instructions here:

thanks a lot, I’ll try soon :wink: (didn’t know about the feature)

In my case, XCode was not outputting any console.logs or errors in $ionicPlatform.ready block because I tried to call cordova Keyboard plugin that was not properly installed. That problem also led to other cordova plugins failing silently.

Just something you may want to check out.