Two apps based on template. Second app doesn't install

This week is my first encounter with Ionic, so this might be a beginner-only problem. Couldn’t find something similar on the forum however.

I’ve built two similar apps (chatbots using IBM Watson Bluemix) for two different groups of end-users.

In effect; I buit one -> works fine -> copied the project and built the second -> works fine.

So, stand-alone, they both work as expected.

However, it seems impossible to install BOTH apps on the same device.
While installing the second app, it keeps asking to update instead of install. (Update fails, by the way…)

I guess I missed a reference to the first app somewhere when cloning it for the second app.

I changed the name in:

  1. ./config.xml
  2. ./ionic.config.json
  3. ./package.json

In desperation I eventually used notepadd++ “find in files” to update the old name to the new name EVERYWHERE (1358 replacements, most of 'em in the node_modules folder)

Still, no succes; it keeps asking if I want to update instead of installing the second app.
This works both ways; if I uninstall both, install the ‘second’ app first, and then try to install the ‘first’ I get the same problem.

Any hints would be very much appreciated.

Have you updated the ID in config.xml?

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The only ID I see in config.xml is

widget id=“io.ionic.starter” version=“0.0.1” xmlns=“” xmlns:cdv=“

Is that the ID you mean? I did not change that, just the name-tag…

That is indeed. You’ll probably want to update both apps to have a unique, and custom, ID.

Perfect, that took care of the problem.

Thank you very much for the swift response!

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