Ionic app installation failed

Hi, I’m building an taxi app. It has two apps, one for passenger and another one for drivers. I used the following command to build the apps.

(Now I’m using android. But later I hope to add iOS)

“ionic cordova buid android”

App names are different in config.xml, package.json and index.html. But i got an error message when I tried to install two apps that “package conflicts with an existing package by same name”.

Please help me. I want to try these two apps in same phone. I don’t have two phones and there are some native libraries.

You also need to separate the id parameter in config.xml for both the applications.

<widget id="" version="1.0.0" xmlns="" xmlns:cdv="">

<widget id="" version="1.0.0" xmlns="" xmlns:cdv="">

Something like this.

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i think you need to uninstall first app then try install second one…
otherwise you can do changes in code as @addwebsolution mention

@addwebsolution thanks for the help. It worked perfectly.

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Sorry, I didn’t know about it. I’m new to Ionic. Thanks for informing me. I think, I did it correct.