Multiple Ionic APK installation Problem

                            I’m  Vijay Deepak, I have working on Ionic framework with Cordova for nearly 2months.
                            I have created two ionic android apps and also signed that two apps. Then I installed the first app, it is installed , while I’m installing my second app it is showing that “App is not installed”.
            While installing the second app it is trying to install as the new update of the previously installed app. If I uninstalled the previous app, then it is able to install the another app. I can only able to install only one app. Even after installing a signed apk I can’t able to run the debug apk while developing another app. I don’t know the solution for the issues I’m facing, I searched for the solution in the net, no one is raised this issue. Please help me to solve this issue.

Change the widget id in the config.xml file. That is the unique identifier for the app.

hi , check if you use the same package name !

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Take a look to config.xml, maybe widget id is same. Also take a look to other entries in config.xml

Best regards, anna-liebt

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Hi Anna Liebt,

            Yes, Anna I have the same widget ID for all the Ionic apps I created. Thanks for the Help and support.


Vijay Deepak

According to Chris I made the changes in config.xml file, additionally i replaced id=“io.ionic.starter” with id=“” for the entire project. and its working…