Two apps sharing something common

I am building two different mobile apps but I do not know what i am sharing common between both of them, if I installed one app already on my mobile phone, and try to install another , it actually takes it as a update and so remove previous one while install second app, I am also getting two notifications at once (OneSignal) so OneSignal guy suggest me to check if I am building more than one app at a time and sharing something common.


this problem occurs when you defined same App Id for both apps or may be you didn’t defined the App Id either of the apps. every app has a different App Id. that’s why you are facing this problem.

I opened ionic.project file in a notepad and found both project’s app_id seems different, is this the app_id we talking about ?

How about in config.xml, you will see something like this

<widget id="com.ionicframework.newtest333376" version="0.0.1" xmlns="" xmlns:cdv="">

change the id="" to something new on one of the apps.

gotcha, I just findout there were same. changing them now …