Trying to understand current state of Ionic v4 beta

Ionic v4 beta was released around a month ago, and there has been a lot of bug-fixing action on all fronts - framework, cli, documentation etc…

  1. What are the ‘big’ todo items still pending before v4 can hit beta or production (besides more testing and bug fixes)? I think one such item is theming support. What else?

  2. Has there been any feedback since beta release that seems to indicate if some of the component’s implementation might need to be revisited/refactored etc… (anything larger than bug fixes)?

The actual question is if its time for us to start migrating existing v3 projects to v4, and start using v4 for new production projects, or wait a bit longer? I understand that the current official answer is to continue using v3 for production. And that v4 will be ready when its ready, which will be soon.

Trying to get a better understanding of current state to let everyone answer this question for themselves. It will help to know if there are any upcoming major features that we should rather wait for or if our projects won’t need them. And if we can start customizing/integrating any components, or if some specific components’ underlying implementation is likely to change dramatically.

Regarding my app, the only real “problem” remaining is the hardware back button, except that I’m good to go at least for a release candidate

Not that I know.The all core base on web components, which is really solid since the begin I think, are web components so “small piece of vanilla javascript” and there we could find all the good things of such technology. On the Angular side there are still time to time refactoring but things like changing a method name (like goBack to navigateBack)

Of course I’m not from the team so I can’t tell what will happen if they are planing refactoring and stuffs, but from my point of view, I’m confident that a RC, at least from my app powered with v4, isn’t that far away