Tough question for leader of Ionic Platform

Hi there, So I have posed this question on facebook private email and so on, but Still haven’t got any respond (edited)
We have a very big developer community in my country ( Vietnam ) and the ionic community is dying out fast
I am not a developer, just designer and founder of an IT Outsourcing company that focus on ionic and we did very cool shits with ionic
but honestly I don’t see the future for ionic anymore in my country
I want to offer ionic team the help for community building if they can fund that but no one agree or disagree

so… I want a definitive answer, do you wan to help companies like us, specialize in ionic to expand the reach of ionic?
or should we abandon this platform like our local community

Well, I’m not a leader of Ionic, but I understand some points of what you say.
As a plugin developer of cordova/ionic, I listen many people from many countries.

Comparing React, Ionic, and flutter, React is the most popular at this time.

Here is my opinion,

  • React, many hybrid developers love it
  • Flutter, Google or native app lovers uses (I guess)
  • Ionic, HTML5/Web lovers, but we don’t restrict with React rules.
  • Native Script (I don’t know much)

For me, one of Ionic advantages is which is able to create PWA app as well as native apps.
(If plugins are able to run on browser)

However money power is completely different.

  • Facebook (React), Google (Flutter), have tons of money, many developers work for their frameworks.
  • Ionic, as far as I know, less than those companies.

Interesting thing is Asian countries count on how popular the framework/library when some developers choose new framework/library.

Yes, I also understand that, many people uses many knowledge, especially on their languages.
That’s really helpful for beginner.

For example, I’m Japanese (I don’t live in Japan though).
Ionic does not have almost no profile.

Ionic Japan Users’ Group

But they haven’t gave up their activities. They communicates on Slack, Q&A, translate knowledges and/or official blogs, make study events periodically, publishing some Japanese books…etc.

Hence, it’s depends on your motivation.
If you prefer Ionic than other frameworks, but their is no other developers, then you become a leader in your country.

If it’s difficult to continue your activity in real world, just starting blogging is enough at the first.
Keep activities periodically, you would found new friends.
Your local community is died when you give up.

In my opinion there are a bunch of things that should be fixed already and they’re not fixing them yet they keep upgrading to newer versions when they should first fix stuff before adding new one. A good example is having two sliders in a same page, it’s impossible bec it bugs af if you want something decent looking or live reloading, testing on phone is so time consuming because that doesn’t work. That makes me sad bec I started with ionic just 4 months ago and I love it. But I kinda see no future if they keep going this way.

Summing it up: if Ionic wants to survive and stay good, they must fix what is broken, add what their competitors have and then add new stuff.

CORS issue is also annoying af with WKWebView if you use Angular’s HttpClient but it works with Ionics native http. And yet, Angular’s HttpClient is way better than Ionics https. And there are many more things like this.

Being a good follower of a good tribe is better off than being a leader of a tribe of yourself :slight_smile: I am highly motivated, and also frustrated, but the other thing is what resources you have and the attitude of the community leader. I have a small outsourcing company with two team, Ionic and React Native, the React native team is all happy and seeing their bright future, and the ionic team is more depressing than ever :smiley:

The competition is real. but anyways, I believe an open source is only as strong as the community that support it :slight_smile:

Well, I’m not a leader of community. Umm, it’s kind of like a loner type person.

I develop cordova-plugin-googlemaps and @ionic-native/google-maps. And I used be a Google Develop Expert long years (I quites last month).

I’m not sure which country do you live in, but if you are interested in, and matched with my time, I can attend meet up from online.

When I lived in Japan, we made Meetup sessions many times at many locations.
Some local meetups we’re very small, but they invited experts in real or through the Internet.
So they did do there best.

Something like this, think what you can do. Don’t rely on other person or community.
Then if your idea needs some amount or some helps from Ionic, then you should ask them with valuable reason, what you want to do, why this is important for community.

Saying “Just help our community” is less valuable if I were asked. Asking with suggestion is the first step.