For a social heavy app, Cordova or Capacitor (or not...)?

Hello guys. I’m starting a project that will be very reliant on social interactions. Having already published a few Ionic apps, and always struggled with all that’s social login, sharing etc… I was wondering what do you think about it nowadays?

My app will need as much as possible social logins, sharing, and friends import.

So, do you think an hybrid Ionic app is still a good fit for something like this?

Also, I always worked with Cordova. I was thinking about giving Capacitor a go, but I’m not sure it has sufficient plugins support.

Thanks ahead!

I would not use Cordova in any new project today.

Frankly, probably 80% of the stuff that needed Cordova (when weighted by popularity of usage, not just straight number of features) a few years ago is now doable using only browser-implemented APIs. For the rest, Capacitor provides enough support for Cordova plugins that I think you’ll be fine.

Remember, the more you can eliminate dependence on any sort of OS-dependent native functionality, the more portable your app becomes, which means easier reach with PWAs and desktop browsers. The development/testing cycle also becomes noticeably simpler.

Hey, glad to see you’re still around :slight_smile: Your advices always are a great source. Of course you’re right, the less dependencies the better. But for the app I want to make this time, I may need more dependencies than ever - every major social network needs to be implemented in the smoothest way possible. I’m not sure yet (have to make a POC) if web versions of the networks abilities (login, api calls, etc…) would be sufficient.

I also thought about trying a POC with React Native or Flutter as well - I really don’t want to go the native route.

Anyways, you’re right, I will forget about using Cordova - if I go with Ionic I will try and use Capacitor.