Going forward with Ionic

Hello Ionic Community. I don’t have massive experience in Ionic. I built a medium sized app using Ionic 1 some months back, and then left mobile development. Now I am looking to get back.

I am wondering, however, where Ionic is going. It seems that they are putting a lot of effort in support PWA’s in Ionic. This would be great, but I feel they are going to slowly drop support for actual mobile apps. (i.e. Cordova)

It would seem that Ionic would not be able to compete with things like React Native when it comes to mobile apps. I feel like Ionic is going forward with PWA’s for that reason. It would be a shame though, for Ionic to lose Cordova integration. Ionic is the easiest platform I ever used.

What do y’all think? Is Ionic going to drop support for Cordova in favor of PWA’s, or can Cordova / PWA’s coexist in Ionic?

No plans to leave Cordova behind. Think of PWAs much like Cordova’s Browser platform (yes, that is a real supported platform just like iOS and Android).

Ionic is leveraging the fact it is built with web technologies and extending its reach from the Native to the Browser.

Remember, the goal of Cordova is to push the browser forward to the point that it is no longer needed. PWAs are one small step along that journey.


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