What's New in ionic 4?

Hello Everyone,

I am Technology Expert, blogger and also the technology consultant to guide startups about the which technology you have to choose. therefore I am going to write one blog about the big comparison of Flutter Vs ionic vs React native? but here I am facing some issues, therefore I have some questions regarding these frameworks and expecting helpful answers so I can assist every startup in a better way.

  • Why we are comparing these 3 (Flutter Vs ionic 4 vs React native) platforms?
  • Why ionic 4 is much better than other platforms?
  • What are the pros and cons of choosing this platform?
  • Which Hybrid-Framework has more future?
  • Will Ionic Framework replace Android Java development in the future?
  • Are there any limits with Ionic Framework?
  • Is Ionic Framework good enough for a heavy database app?

Awaiting best replies and I will feature your name as best answer I got in the ionic form.

So basically you just want people to do the job for you… :joy:

You’re a technology expert! You can find the answers to all of these questions yourself!


No Buddy, I am looking for real survey of our ionic experts, so Anyone one can write blog on that basis. Experts opinion are very useful to make decisions of best technology.

Answering your questions in order:

  • I don’t know why you are comparing those. Probably because they are the most popular solutions in the space?
  • That depends on your specific use case.
  • That depends on your specific use case.
  • That depends on your specific use case.
  • That question doesn’t make sense, as Android is one of the target platforms of Ionic.
  • Sure, no development platform has no limits. The specific limits depend on your specific use case.
  • Yes.
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Thanks for the answers, see I am technology expert and also the business person that’s y I am thinking for startup perspective. Still I think there is hude difference in these frameworks.

Looking forward to the best answers…

I haven’t come across the comparisons of all platforms, but you can take a look at the separate comparisons of Flutter vs React Native, Flutter vs ionic4, etc. there are pros and cons in each framework. And as for the future of the platforms you mentioned, it is hard to say, it depends on a lot of factors.