Tips And Tricks For Publishing Into Apple Store


As we know that Ionic is amazing for making web, android, and ios application with only 1 source code. But we all know that if we publish into Apple Store, there is a rule that prevent us to submit application if it is like a wrapped website.

I tried to submit my app before and got rejected because my app resembles my website a lot.

Could you guys share with my the tips and trick of how you guys usually do before submitting to Apple Store?


The rules of the apple store are very strict. Unfortunately there are no quick fixes. You have to prove that the application brings something to the user. Making your application a responsive website is not “useful” according to Apple. For information, notifications do not count!
To begin with, your application must have functionality that a responsive website cannot have, or not ergonomic. For example geolocation to access your store, a shopping list with CRUD if you are doing a store …
What are the functions of the app?

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The apple store rules are very strict. It’s very difficult to do that! …

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What if we do not publish the website before our mobile app being accepted by the app store? So they cannot compare it with our website and say that the app resembles it? Will this work?

Also about the app store payment, If I for example make an official ECommerce website for a company and they want mobile apps as well. For example in the website I use third party payment gateway (let say Paypal), will the app store accepted it? Because from what I know, they really push the in app purchase using Apple payment, so they can take 30% profit from it. This is not ok for my customer. Let us say that my customer is a wholesale clothing company. They only take 10% profit for their products. With Apple payment policy which takes 30% from gross profit, this will not be profitable for the company. Any thought on this?

They will not necessarily compare the application to YOUR website, but they will tell you that the application has no added value compared to a website.
In other words, if the app just lists the products, the sellers and adds them to the cart. So create a responsive website, not an app. Add features like a favorites list for example.
About payment, if you sell physical products, you should not use in-app purchases
See App Store Review Guidelines - Apple Developer

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