Instructions on how to publish an iOS app?

Here’s what looks like a good piece of documentation on how to publish an Android app.

Is there anything like this for turning an Ionic project into a real iOS app to be run on the phone itself and then how to submit it to the Apple store?

You can build the app with a free account of phonegap build
and follow a instruction found on the internet.


To build your app you can use

Take care of following : add plugins into config.xml according to phonegap instructions.
Once you have build app for testing , your users can install it from the phonegap build server.

To publish the app , you have to build it with production provisioning profile, and …you absolutely need a MAC (fack the MAC) to publish your app.

If there is public for more in detail description about this process I can write a how2.

@peterbe As Much as I like Phoneap Build. I always recommend that you submit and IOS app build with XCODE and not the version built Via Phonegap Build. Sometimes Phonegap Build can encounter problems which do not exist when the app is built locally with X-Code.
I have encountered this firsthand where I has some issues when I built using Phonegap Build But It was fine when I built locally.

That said, the process of submitting with X-Code after creating all that Provisioning Profile and Certificate shenanigans is pretty straight forward and done all directly via X-Code.

Do you know a page that has some instructions for beginners on how to do that?


See if my steps help you. Start at “Add screenshots for App Store:”

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Does anyone have a step by step to generate the signed .ipa file??