Is possible to publicate the application in app store with hackintosh?

Hello people!

I’m using HACKINTOSH to publish my application in the app store, I was able to build the build and emulate with xcode perfectly, everything working!

My question is to know about publishing in the app store, I already have a developer account in the app store, I would like to know if it is possible to PUBLISH the app in APP STORE with HACKINTOSH and if I will have any kind of problem regarding license?


You should be fine.

Alternatively, take a look at this:

Then I guess you can install VMWare on Windows to use Hackintosh?
That solves a problem for Windows users who want to publish an iOS app.
I was thinking about buying a small & old mackbook for compiling iOS app on Ionic.

Thanks for answering.

Building the build and emulating is working! My question would be regarding the process of publishing in the app store, referring to the license using a hackintosh.

a working & legal 2010 MacBook costs only $79 (include free shipping) now by the way:

I think this can still build an iPA file and publish on apple store.

Hi @victormagalhaespache, Yes of course you can publish your App just follow the instuctions right Here.

I use Sierra in virtual machine and i published my app 3 months aggo in the app store and everything worked fine.


Was your hackintosh or was it the mac running on a VM with the license?

No i had no license i just found a tutorial in youtube i installed mac Sierra on vmWareWorkstation i installed Xcode. i have a developper account so i followed the instructions from the ionic’s official doc and everything worked fine

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Thanks man!

Thanks for answering!

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Your app published using a VM does it stills online or removed by Apple App Store?