Submitting to IOS app store

Hello guys,

It’s my second submission and i still get the same response from the app store,

my app got rejected two times for the same reason

Guideline 4.2.6 - Design - Minimum Functionality

here’s the full message:
We noticed that this app appears to be created from a commercialized template or app generation service.

To deliver content as a pre-packaged version of a website, consider creating a web app, which looks and behaves similar to a native app when the customer adds it to their Home screen. For more information about creating a web app, review the
Safari Web Content Guide. To offer an app that do not use a commercialized template, consider using Apple Developer tools to design and create a unique app to deliver content. For more information about developing apps for the App Store, visit the

I coded the whole app from scratch not sure if this issue is Ionic or cordova related can someone help please ?

Hello guys,

I am in the same trouble. Can you please explain more details to get Apple approval ?

Response from App Review Board:
The App Review Board evaluated your app and determined that the original rejection feedback is valid. Your app does not comply with:

Design 4.2.6
We noticed that your app appears to be created from a commercialized template or app generation tool, which is not appropriate for the App Store. Utilizing a commercialized template or app generation tool to submit apps is considered a form of spam and is not appropriate for the App Store.

What does you app do? Is there actual functionality?
Apple is quite strict if it is just showing some information, like a website c/would.

We have released app during Oct 2016 and we have made 5-6 releases in the last 10 months.

Our app has lot of functionalities and its very different from the website. We did not face any issue till June 1017.

Last Successful Release : May 26th 2017

However , our app was rejected during July 2017 release

Changes made on that particular release was

  1. “Keywords change”
  2. bug-fixes

We didn’t add any new functionality on that particular release

We would like to clarify whether Apple is rejecting our App because its
built on IONIC framework because of new Policies of Apple (Design 4.2.6)

Does Apple appreciate us to use Native Development (X code) for App development.

Expecting your reply.

One would think yours would be far from the only thread on this subject here were that the case.

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Did you design your app yourself or are you using a bought Ionic Market template maybe?
Same with the functionality, did you build it yourself?
Is the design and functionality actually unique or ar there similar or even identical apps?

In general: Just try again. I had cases with absolutely useless review decisions, just submitting the same app again fixed it.

We did not use any ionic market template and it is not simulate any identical apps based on design and functionality.

Does your layout look alike another well-known app?

Look like Apple try to chase clone according this article and post on stackoverflow:

Can you maybe show us your app or some screenshots of it?

I have created a SaaS solution for a specific niche. My clients have members they have registered in a member administration. Each member can login on the organisation intranet and view all content relevant to them. I am creating an app right now so members can get their information more easy. I can create the app in such a way that people can identify themselves and setup the right organisation in the app.

But some clients want to be found in the appstore with their own name and branding. So I have to publish the same app several times. Would that be a clone? And is that the thing that won’t be possible because of this new rule?

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To be honest I have no clue, I would say no, it’s not a clone, but of course Apple has their own rules and evaluation process.

You should try to contact Apple and try to explain that and also maybe give them some “proof” (contract with your client etc.). If Apple unleash then your app, fine problem solved, if not, they may give you more hints about what to do

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