Testers Wanted: Angular 1.4 in the nightly builds


Hey everyone, hope all is well!

We’re looking for some beta testers to give the nightly builds a try. The Nightly builds have been upgraded to Angular 1.4 and were looking to get your feedback on it! Along with the upgrade to Angular 1.4, the follow issues have been fixed.

  • ionSlideBox: fix failing test ion-pager should show unless told not to. (38e71665)
  • ionTabs: adjust tabs and content when hiding the nav bar (7e4fb159, closes #2921)
  • location: Treat empty string as undefined hash. (b4265561, closes #4016, #4019, #4016)
  • menuClose: Prevent clicking on current page link in sidemenu from disorganizing page heigha (a379bfdc, closes #4132)
  • util: Fix preventDefault logic in ionic.Gesture.gestures.Drag (e10b5d23, closes #4008)
  • ###Features

  • angular: Upgrade to Angular 1.4 (355bf6a9)
  • clearCache: clearCache returns a promise (336c3882, closes #3724)
  • Give the nightly builds a try and if there are any particular issues, please open an issue on Github and note that you are using the nightly builds.



    No sass in the nightly builds? Can we use the sass files from the stable release?


    There is sass in the nightly builds. You should be able to get it by referencing the nightly builds is bower.

        "ionic": "driftyco/ionic-bower#master"


    Ah, sorry… I was downloading the zipped file from http://code.ionicframework.com/#nightly


    Bower still pulls the 1.3.13

    PS: I’m already testing 1.4.3 btw


    Should be good now. Thanks


    Can I ask what is the expected timescale for the release of this new Ionic version with Angular 1.4?

    If it’s a matter of 1 to 2 months then I sure want to give it a try and put some time in for testing it, because I believe it could benefit my project (Angular 1.4 has some good stuff in it).


    It a lot less than a month. If not this week, then next week.


    P.S. oh and by the way, can I suggest that this fix could make it into the new Ionic version:

        CSS styles to eliminate the annoying flickering header when changing tabs in an Ionic app on Android:
    .platform-android .header-item.title {
        transition-duration: 0ms;
    .platform-android .header-item.buttons {
        transition-duration: 0ms;

    This fix was found by another Ionic forum member and it really made my day because the flicker on tab change was annoying me from the start, it was a relief to have this fix. I suppose it would be good and helpful for users to have it in the Ionic release by default.

    And thanks, if it’s in a timescale of weeks then I’m eager to give it a try.


    PRs are alway welcomed. We could test it out, but I think it may cause some issues for people who configure android animations to look like iOS.


    Understood, the fix works well for me but you need to be careful with something like this.
    It needs to be generic.


    Really looking forward to this guys. Part of my next project would be a lot simpler with the Angular 1.4 improvements.

    Can anyone give me some info on how I can help test out the nightly builds?