Changelog for Nightly Build


The nightly builds are now bundled with a CHANGELOG, showing all the features, bug fixes, and breaking changes since the latest stable version of ionic.

Use this as a resource when updating your apps.

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Awesome ! I love it ! Great to be able to see what I am using when working with a nightly build


Where can I get the nightly source code?



@Lagoonwish @bramslob If you want to integrate the nightly build quickly into your projects for testing purposes, you can always just link back to the CDN

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">
<script src=""></script>  


@bramslob @mhartington Thanks for your help, hoping the new beta version release quickly.


The link doesn’t work any more


Hmm, just tried them and things are coming up. Anything else coming or anymore info you could provide?


I’m getting a 404 too


Are you getting a 404 on the js or css?



In the CHANGELOG.html


Alright, didn’t realize you meant the actual changelog file. Alright, I’ll let the devs know, for know, you can always check the commits to the repo.



is ionic nightly means ionic 1.4 ?? because i have ionic 1.4 in my system