Ionic 1.3.1 Release Candidate

Hello everyone,

We are looking for some testers willing to spend a few minutes (5-10) testing their apps with a pre-release version of Ionic 1.3.1.

This pre-release includes several bug fixes and several PRs from the community. The version in the “build” output has not yet been ticked to 1.3.1 yet.

In order to test, please download the .zip file from the nightly build here.

Once download and unzipped, copy the css, fonts and js directory to the project’s www/lib/ionic directory (typically, some projects may have a slightly different set-up).

Please let me know how it goes or if you have any questions/comments/concerns/feedback.


Here is the changelog


  • Status Bar: Moved status tap handler to after platform ready fires. (947d9296)

  • Loader: make the loader service return a promise instead of the deprecated object, updated docs (0e94f914, closes #3717)

  • Tabs: fixs as issue with tabs without icons (28e99594, closes #6292)

  • Navigation: revert previous navigation fix (efb9bd) and added a different fix for the infinite loop issue. Wrote additional tests to verify the test. (e31498c4)

  • Life Cycle: Life cycle events fire reliably on correct scope, closed many issues (d6373335)

  • Slides: changed the way looped/duplicates slides work, added documentation (44d5a0f8, closes #6305)

  • Header:

    • ion-nav-title will fill up available space (677d2d4c, closes #4661)
    • subheader visiblity fix, remove display as block (01ab8b03, closes #3055)
    • set correct title bar height (6a5e6bc4, closes #4965)
  • Footer: fix a typo in footer bar styles using balanced class (99f987fc, closes #6426)

  • Pull-to-refresh: Better performance via changing translateY to 3d (c7e61e4d, closes #6360)

  • Scss: made variables for button-default-border and button-default-active-bordermade variables (7da8739f, closes #5576)

  • Content: documentation update (#62fdd636, closes #5813)

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