Nightly Build and Sass - how to download



Any chance the nightly sass files can be included in the nightly builds?

I’m trying to play with Andy’s splitView new feature and believe I need the latest Sass changes too.

I note when you ‘ionic lib update’ that the latest (say beta 11) downloads the zip that includes the sass files. This is obviously needed as when we make sass changes they recompile (gulp sass etc…) and we can test the changes.

This doesn’t happen with the nightly builds as I can see.

Also how do you update to the latest nightly with ‘ionic lib update …’ I can seen to add the right version



I would support this request!


If you using the CLI to make a project, you can get the nightly files by referencing the master, which gets update by ionitron regularly.


Hi Mike

I use the CLI to make my projects but I don’t use the bower side of things.

I simply do a ‘ionic lib update’ and it updates to the latest.

My questions are how do I use this to update to the latest master/nightly - do you have an example

I don’t mind downloading the nightly zip from and handling it myself - I just would like the matching scss included.
Is there an issue in doing this?
Wouldn’t it just match the process you use to build the beta code zips.

Thanks again


Hi Mike

I have just checked the link you gave ( and it appears the scss isn’t at the latest build level (421).
I am looking at a particular new feature ( ).
As you can see this change affects both scss files ‘_menu.scss’ and '_split.pane.scss .
These files are not changed in the master build in ionic-bower.
Not sure if this is a bug in the process or I’m missing something - my git knowledge is not great.