Is there sass files available for nightly version?

i’m recently working on an Android project, first i want to say ionic is really awesome, considering i almost tried all the frameworks and tools for building HTML5 apps.

few days ago i was runing into some troubles using Modal and Popover, after i upgraded to latest nightly version, the problems were gone, but without sass files, it is really a charllenge to customize css.

so i’m wondering if there is sass file available to download?


You could probably try latest available sass files? I doubt there will be much broken from existing components.

yeap, i found the latest sass files from github, and as you said, some of the existing components did show a little bit wrong, but compare to the issues when i got from the last stable version, i can live with it, at least so far.

I would vote for included sass in each nightly :wink: Glad you’ll be able to continue your work

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I also wish the sass files included - it really is a hassle without them.

The sass files are included in the zip file used by the ‘ionic lib update’ for the beta’s

Trying to test andy’s new splitview feature and having some troubles I think as the latest sass files not included with the nightly.

Hope the ionic guys agree and add them -> @andy


Hey i opened an git issue for that… but it is already closed.

The sources for last nightlies you can found here:

But it would be nice to have them per “beta”- or “stable” release as well.

greetz, bengtler

I agree

Can’t see why it was closed - it is still an issue.

I took a look at the scss in github ionic-bower and it not sure it contains the latest nightly scss.

Can’t really see the issue with shipping the scss with the nightlies myself

I hope the guys agree and ship it.


Yeah, no probs for us to have some work to compile the scss for instance, just oploading scss files shouldn’t be to much of a workload in the automated system I guess :slight_smile:

agree - I don’t wish to change the scss just use the latest that is aligned with the nightly. My gulp processes already take care of compiling it.

Hope @mhartington or @andy agree and can help get it included