Switch tabs with view cache enabled still very slow

Hi guys,

Currently I am working on the credit cards based app. Main page was a ion-tabs control which include two tabs, first tab using ng-repeat to repeat 20 credit cards item inside a ion-content panel, each item have a background image sized with 600*400px. Second tab using collection-repeat to repeat another 100 images(100 * 30px). Both views opened default cache behavior.

I can see there is no reloaded views happened when I switch between two tabs. But each view need half to two second for re-drawing the view, I used chrome debugger timeline found most time consuming part is rendering part.

So my question is why cached view still need to recalculate each item’s layout and re-draw them again when you call it back from cache, if I was not drop it it should be load back immediately?
Any solution or walk around to solve this problem?

Thanks a lot