Fast switching between tabs breaks the DOM when view cache is 0 (OFF)

When view cache is disabled, the default tab example breaks when fast switch between tabs.

Can anyone confirm this bug? It seem very important. Thanks

I have a similar issue but only on Ios device

Please provide a codepen that shows this.

Thanks, I will do that.

Btw, I can only reproduce this problem on an actual iPhone device, when setting max cache to 0, also confirmed this using the default starter project “ionic start myApp tabs”:


Hmm, just tested this with the nightly builds and wasn’t able to replicate it.
Would you test this with the nighties as well and confirm

I had the same problem, ended up just turning the cache back on to solve the issues and couldn’t find a fix.

Have you tried nightly? I will try it and get back to you. I get more problems when turning on the cache.

Confirm this has been fixed with nightly.

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