Major problem: Ionic view is NOT cached (in regular navigation)


i have an application that dont use the ion-tab or any other navigation component. i just use regular view and my custom tabs system. (i navigate between my view via $stae.go or via the href and it work perfect).

The Major Problem:
The Views are NOT cached and because of that i have a major preformence issue, because the data is clear every time i go to other view.

i take the myTab demo application and change it to show view and do the navigation without ion-tab, just regular navigation between views. and i get the same issue(partial). i mean if i go “forward” the view is cache (i see it in the DOM) and if i go back (with href/ $state.go) the view is NOT Cache.

  1. Do i MUST use the ion-tab or other navigation for the Cache automatic mechanism? if No, what i should do to apply the cache?
  2. what u suggest me to do? (each time that i pass to other page the view is cleared and not cache :(, it like it is not a SPA… )

Thanks, 4 help

Any chance you could put a codepen of this? Or show the structure of your states and templates?

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i upload my Demo App here:

  1. notice about the DOM ion-view remove when press on Account page when press on href or in button.
    see the element with attribute cach=“active || cache” replacment and see that it delete. (means no cacheable)
  2. i note that there is Cache JUST from Tab View To Account View. why?
  • BTW in my big app there is no cache for ANY view, i dont know why it happend :frowning:
  1. i think i found some workaround. i will use the ion-tab with ui-router just for navigation but i will hide(display:none) in the DOM, and then i will have the Cache mechanism.

Thanks 4 your help and time :smile:


  1. i use some WA, i use the Tabs but i dont show them (just 4 caching view), so i will go in this direction.
  2. the issue that i mention above is still occure, it is an Ionic Bug with cache system.