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Hi everybody !

I am very curious about creating a ionic app. However while I was looking around in the forum, and i saw a lot of topic’s answer in ionic v1 is now “try ionic v2”.
I was wondering if ionic v1 will be support/updated for a long time? If i develop an app with ionic now, is it a good idea to use the old stable version, or will i have to re-developp a v2 version few month from now?

Thanks !

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If you go to the ionic2 / ionic1 faq’s it states that it will be supported for a couple of years at least. And probably longer.

I just assume new features are going to die in the end. but it remains an open source project, so you’ll be able to fix it / have community contributions anyways.

Allthough iOnic2 is pretty stable, you could go for 1 if you find more safety there, personally I’d suggest to try 2 since I love what Angular2 is doing.


Hi mathijsliquix thanks for replying so fast.
I’ve got trouble finding the page you’re mentionning. I found FAQ pages but none spoke about ionic v1 support. Which page did you have in mind?
I just found this page that talk about migrating from v1 to v2. This is a serious point too, since the versions are not retrocompatible is there some informations about the migration complexity?
Plus on the milestone page there is only a 1.2.5 and 1.3 version. As if the development will stop after this versions to focus on ionic v2.


I’m sorry, I didn’t realise it wasn’t in FAQ but in the alpha announce what I was thinking about:

Let’s address the elephant in the room: “What about Ionic 1? What’s going to happen to it?” First of all, we will absolutely continue supporting Ionic 1 for a long time. In fact, there are a number of improvements we’re working on, including upgrading to the next version of Angular. At the same time, we are going to work to make it easy to upgrade to Ionic 2 slowly over time, as the community also starts to adopt Angular 2. While we aren’t going to apologize for wanting to push Ionic hard into the future, we also understand that software can live for a long time, and should be supported for as long as possible.

1.3 is stable, 2 will be developed longer and more of course, but it’s in beta, I’d say go for ionic2 beta it’s pretty stable. But if you prefer 1, it’s not going to break or anything if it’s not updated to the latest latest latest angular 1 :-).


Don’t worry, they will support for long time, i don’t remember exactly where i read that, but meh. They made a lot of work updating the ionic platform for v1 so…

And like @mathijsliquix said, ionic 2 is pretty stable and will be more interesting in short time, i think. Is not a bad idea start with ionic 2 right now.

Sorry for my english.


Thanks both of you !