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We, and others (Ionic v1 to Ionic v3 upgrade necessary?, Support Ionic v1, How long will ionic 1 be supported, Ionic v1 support and expiry), seem to worry how long ionic v1 will still be supported. We run a larger enterprise application built on v1 and really need to know whether ionic v1 suddenly may be discontinued or whether there will be an announcement at least a year ahead, e.g.

We are already figuring out the best way to move to v2/v3, but it will take time.

Especially the rather slow responses on GitHub issues, open issues for many months etc. make us fear that our application will suddenly stop to work. You yourself reply to the question “how long will ionic still be supported” with:

There is no official word on that.

We really appreciate your work and are thankful for the most seamless experience ionic is offering. We are just afraid of the end of development in the short term. We’d be thankful for a statement:

  • Do you plan to offer an LTS support plan for v1 (maybe paid)?
  • Can we support and influence hot issues (e.g. recently, the iOS 11 status bar overlay bug) being resolved for ionic v1 more quickly, e.g. by a paid support subscription?
  • Can you tell the number of developers still working on ionic v1 and the priority ionic v1 issues are assigned compared to v2 issues?
  • Do you have a rough number concerning apps still being developed with ionic v1 / being on the app stores to be able to estimate its importance?

Thank you in advance!

As this is a quote of something I wrote: I am just a community moderator, a volunteer. I do not speak for Ionic in any official capacity.

Hi there,

We do offer enterprise support, including for v1. Have you contacted us through our Enterprise page?

Beyond that, v1 isn’t seeing active work. We hope to support Angular 1 through Ionic 4 Web Components which may help teams transition to the new version of Ionic while staying on their framework of choice.

Either way, please get in touch and we can help you understand how our support works and what services we can provide.

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So the question boils down to how long google will support AngularJS

Assuming the Ionic4 promise framework independence is delivered